Neurological Assessment Testimonials


Libby had been suffering from headaches, low back pain, hip pain, shoulders spasms, anxiety, fatigue, depression and gastric reflux for years.

During her initial assessment Libby was found to have severe stress on her brain and nervous system via a brain-based chiropractic examination.

Libby accepted a brain based care plan and has committed to that care and because of this commitment has seen remarkable results. Following just 6 weeks of care she has noticed marked improvement in the above areas. All this by restoring the function of her brain and nervous system so she could get well and stay well!!!

Libby a patient of the Brain Repair Store


Several years ago Barbara was hit by an automobile, thrown into the air and thrown 30 feet. Since that time she has experienced severe back pain, leg pain and foot pain as well as regular occurring headaches. This has been going on for years with no relief despite trying numerous treatments. The pain and symptoms were so bad that Barbara had planned on canceling her mission trip to South America.

Since beginning care brain-based chiropractic care Barbara began to notice relief almost immediately. She first noticed that the severe pain in her back, legs and feet was not as severe after working her shift. She then began to notice her headaches were going away and now, only 6 weeks later she feels so good that she has decided to go on her mission trip all because brain-based chiropractic allows for proper brain and nervous system function allowing her body to heal.

Barbara a patient of The Brain Repair Store

Michael Rivers

Michael came into the office with low back pain, acid reflux (GERD), high blood pressure and trouble sleeping. He had been treated by his primary care physician with prescription drugs, which didn’t help him at all.

Since starting brain-based chiropractic care, he no longer has to take his sleeping medication and he no longer has acid reflux. And of course his lower back is functioning properly again without pain. Michael followed our brain-based chiropractic corrective plan and never missed an appointment, He continues to maintain his progress and overall health with Chiropractic Health Visits. Michael said, “I really like chiropractic and the team that serves here. They really seem to care for you and your family’s health. I would advise anyone to visit this office. You will see the results without the drugs and their side effects. I appreciate all their help.” Mr. Michael is truly living a healthier life thanks to brain-based chiropractic care.

Michael a patient of the Brain Repair store

Patrick Kehoe

Patrick came into the office with learning disabilities, an inability to focus in school, and hyperactive disorder as stated by his grandmother Mary Lou. All of this caused him to struggle in school. Since receiving brain based chiropractic care Mary Lou said, “Patrick sleeps better and is performing much better in the classroom. He loves coming to see the chiropractor and receiving his chiropractic adjustments. Everybody needs the chance to heal from Above-Down-Inside-Out.”

Patrick a patient of the Brain Repair Store