Metabolic Assessments & 3D Body Scans

Metabolic Assessments involve evaluating a patient’s metabolic function and health status. Measuring various aspects of metabolism, such as energy production, hormone balance, and nutrient utilization.

A metabolic assessment can help identify any underlying metabolic imbalances or dysfunctions that may be contributing to health issues or preventing individuals from reaching their health and wellness goals.

We use the results of our Metabolic Assessments to develop a personalized nutritional plan and provide lifestyle recommendations that can help optimize metabolic function. This may include dietary changes, supplementation, exercise, stress management, and other lifestyle modifications.

Highly recommended for individuals with metabolic conditions such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome, or obesity, as well as those looking to optimize their overall health and wellness.

The Brain Repair Store utilizes a 3D body scanning machine which checks and measures if you’re burning fat or burning sugar. This machine measures weight circumference, and gives data that suggests whether your body is burning either fat or sugar. These measurements provide our doctors with accurate data to make suggestions on weight loss.

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